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Take Amtrack to Dunsmuir California and Stay at Mossbrae Hotel

The Historic City Of Dunsmuir, California

Dunsmuir California. Never heard of it? That's o.k., most people haven't. If you've ever been in the bay area and needed to drive to Oregon, you probably zipped right passed it. Located on the Interstate 5 under the shadow of Mount Shasta, Dunsmuir harbors ghosts of gold rush outlaws, east coast blue-bloods, railroad barons and century old speculators willing to bet it all in this stunningly rugged beautiful tumultuous landscape. 

In modern times it calls to outdoor nomads, seekers of spiritual quests, individualists and is a Mecca for fly fishing purists. 

A Mix of Old & New at Mossbrae Hotel in Historic Dunsmuir, California

The City Time Forgot With A Modern Twist

Dunsmuir is in a tight river canyon with a village of 100 year old bungalows and a downtown pulled right out of a central casting movie set. How on earth did such a small town end up with so many multi-story buildings? It's as if a part of San Francisco was built along the Sacramento River a century ago. 

If you're looking for an experience out your back door that is authentic, magical and inspiring, Dunsmuir has you covered. 

Spacious luxurious rooms with attention to detail

Luxury In The Mountains

Mossbrae Hotel in the heart of Dunsmuir's historic district, (named after our famous Mossbrae Falls) is A  4-Star luxurious hotel with 7 boutique rooms, 6 upstairs and one ADA accessible room on the ground floor. 

Simultaneously old and new, Mossbrae Hotel  honors the past and embraces the future. On premises is the iconic Ted Fay Fly Shop, an old school institution that defies time. Down the street is Cafe Maddalena, perhaps the best restaurant in all of far northern California. Across the street is the local brewpub.  Let us create an experience for you that is diverse, unique and real. We look forward to welcoming you to Mossbrae Hotel, where the history, adventure and luxury are second to none.

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